Sunday, March 2, 2008

The week in Review

The first week of gainful employment in a while(couple of months). Despite the excessive amount of angst-ridden hand ringing over long term vocation(grip or electric or does it matter as long as your getting paid?), I'd have to say it was a good week indeed. There are definitely some crew logistic and rhythm issues to work out. But it seems like a good job with a good crew on a major motion picture. I ain't mad at that. Working in a re-creation of Dachau is creepy and fascinating. We're going to be doing some incredibly big, American Cinematographer worthy rigs. It should be really a fun adventure. I will of course only feel completely clean when I officially turn down the other two jobs I kinda accepted. Which will happen by tomorrow night. I just want one more day to think about it. My good friend Geoff (the outbreak monkey) says that if I take this job I shouldn't "cry" (a little strong, I thought) about wanting to be an electric. According to Geoff, " If you make more than $30,000 a year as a grip, than you're grip." That kind of stuff matters to the outbreak monkey.

Got back together with my girlfriend. I'm very happy about that. I'm trying to keep the really personal stuff out, but suffice it to say we recovered from a really bad week.

My complete desperation for clean clothes is a code red situation. I'm trying to get federal disaster relief for my bedroom. After that, I may go to Washington to lobby on behalf of my wardrobe.
I'm pretty much recovered from near death illness, thank you very much.

I have included pictures from the week. The picture of the gentleman I like to call Tom Doran and the modern age.
Still struggling with format issues. Please be patient.

Labor will set you free!
Have a nice week!

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