Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"I'll shoot the man who's not loyal to me!"

Location: Readeville Stage
in: 7:15am
Out: 5:15 pm

Those words came from my boss Tom today during lunch. Considering whats been on my mind lately, the words were chilling. He was talking about what a great job this is, and he's right. Its a 100million dollar dollar picture. It shoots forever, and its the best rate in town. And its a huge credit. The other two thirds on the Job, Scott and Andrew are superior rigging grips. They have a ton of experience and they know how to do everything. I'll learn so much from them if I stick around. I'm torn. Rigging Gaffer of this film, Scott(the boss) Davis is the coolest guy in town. He says go with the money, always. That means I'll stay. I think he thought I was just day playing on this film. Meaning that he thought the better money job was the other one. Maybe it is about money. Does it matter that I feel cooler and more plugged in when I'm lighting if i'm making a ton a cash being a grip. I'm not sure anymore. I'm not sure it matters to anyone else but me. I'm starting to think I shouldn't worry so much about it.
The other big issue is that I've been sick as a dog the last two days. I probably should have called in sick today. The two guys I caught it from did. Mark blames Geoff and Mark and I decided that at least for a little while he would be referred to only as "The Outbreak Monkey".
I think its fitting. I feel a little better than I did last night so hopefully I'll feel a little better tomorrow. Can't call in sick in your first week on the job.

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