Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Toll

Medfield/Dachau to Taunton/Dachau back to Medfield Dachau
out 9pm

"I sorta remember what you look like" - Nancy


Peanut80 said...


I've have very much enjoyed reading your blog about your film work on Scorsese's next film.

I noticed you mention going to a stage in Readville.

Does that mean they will be filming some of the Scorsese film there ?

Hope you will continue to allow us to be part of your filming experience :)


leefilm said...

Thanks for checking it out peanut80. I really appreciate the kind words.

Yes at some point we will be shooting at a stage in Readville. I'm really not sure where or when. Since its hard to find out from anyone on this film whats going on in the next hour, trying to figure that is out of the question.