Monday, March 10, 2008

Today, my buddy and I figured out why the Holocaust really went down. Or. Stackin' bodies yo!

/Dachau and Medfield/Dachau
in: 6:30am
out: 7:30pm

First, a sincere disclaimer. Work is really starting to suck. There is nothing I can write about it lately that's positive. The grind of 12 and 13 hour days is really starting to set in. The frantic, putting out fires all day nature of our workday is really sucking the lifeforce out of me and the rest of the core crew. Stress was palpable in every conversation on the walkie this morning. The key and best seem to have different ideas for pretty much every task. We never eat lunch on time if at all. We seem to be so behind schedule that we keep getting all these new guys every day. Most aren't really film guys, and they're new, so the department is looking a little ragged. Its just not much fun these days. On top of that we've been working in the bleakest place ever, filming rather depressing things. And then there's the bodies. 30 to 40 times a day we walk by these trains with corpses falling out the doors. Its a bummer, and as the shoot has gone on here, the set decs have made the bodies increasingly frozen, more gross, and more depressing. Given the long hours and the sometimes terrible stuff you have to film, its easy to see why a lot of folk in this business have a highly developed taste for gallows humor. With that in mind the next rift is meant to play as pure tasteless comedy. It intends to offend no one with the possible exceptions of the jerks that keep me from having lunch on time every day.

So my buddy and I were making our umpteenth trip past the bodies when we started to notice something...
"Yo, I'm not gay or nuthin, but that corpse is pretty well endowed."
"well, you are gay and that's not the only one."
It was true. Unless the Nazis only rounded up Jewish porn stars, the chosen people were nice like that! Now, both my buddy and I have had the occasion to view German porn and lets keep it real, The Germans are, shall we say, klien. So we figured out that the reason behind one the greatest atrocities in history is as old as time itself. Playa Hatin. All these big dicked Jewish guys runnin around, some with afros, and those Jewish women(seriously, some of the most beautiful on the planet) and you could see that Hitler superior race thing startin to blow up right up in his face. Something had to be done...
I am really sick of seeing the damn bodies.

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Ladylipstick said...

Um, I've known a few yids in that way....I think the art department was. shall we say, rewriting history?