Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Week In Review

3 weeks in the books. about 45 to go. This one is probably my last on the picture.

My girlfriend assured me that she is not going to dump me. This is a very difficult situation. I completely understand how she feels. I would probably feel the same way or worse. The work situation is going to get better after next week. But its not going to get that much better. She is a very sweet, understanding person. Unfortunately, this business asks a lot of us and even more of our loved ones. I wish I was working on a romantic comedy with lots of flowers that I could bring home every day.

We are finally done shooting Dachau and believe it or not, I kind of miss it. It was an amazing set and I doubt there will be better 4-wheelin for the rest of the shoot. I definitely won't miss the bodies.

I'm feeling a little regret about the corpse cock picture this past week. Maybe it was a little much

Further evidence that the film business is cold. Real cold. I believe someone got fired this week for screwing up a sandwich order. Damn!

I've become quite tired of the Best Boy yelling at me when he's mad at the rest of the crew. I played sports, I get the "yell at the best player to get the attention of the rest of the team" thing, But its bullshit because I'm not the best player by a long shot. I guess I'm the best player you can yell at.

Go Heels.
Don't get it twisted, I'm a Tarheel. Some of the best years of my life were spent in Chapel Hill, NC. The team is great this year and I have high hopes for the big dance. Today, we start by claiming another ACC tournament.

Looking down the barrel of another tough, big week. A 4am call on Monday and we'll likely "babysit" the shooting crew while trying to go big like we usually do should be pretty soulcrushing.

Oh yeah, the paychecks were were pretty good this week. I take back what I said last week for now, but believe me, it does happen

Big shouts to peanut80 and Joke. Thanks for the kind thoughts. Made a tough week go down a little easier

Have a nice week.


Peanut80 said...


I'm more than happy to help make your 'work week' a little easier as your 'set reports and great photos' have certainly provided a lot of interesting info about a movie that I'm very much looking forward to !

Certainly seems from your reports that Mr Scorsese is allowing all different areas of Mass. have the opportunity to 'star' in his next film .

I can't imagine all the effort it must take to move all the equipment needed to create 'movie magic' from locale to locale.

For sure the combination of Scorsese and Boston for "TD" sure brought us moviegoers lots of great entertainment , and makes me anxious to see the 'two' combining 'forces' again :)

Hope your work week gets a little easier, as your 'reports' will be missed when your time on the film is over .

lighthouse said...

Thanks for all the info and pics you are sharing, nice to see what's happening on the set of a movie I can't wait to see! Use to live in Mass and love watching those Boston films! Keep up the good work, you have some big fans out here!