Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Death From Above 2: Death Takes A Holiday

East Boston

"We'll make it safe next time"
-The rigging key grip

The headache ball started dropping from the crane at about 5:45am.

The first death sail of the day was in place by 6:30am.
then we went to breakfast. Breakfast, what's that?
Down about a block from where we are shooting is one of the most breathtaking views of the skyline that this city has to offer. It was an outstanding breakfast.

The entire Death sail family flew without incident. The death ship(70x40), the two death sail jr's(30x40 each) and the two baby death sails(20x30 each) all went up, flew and moved several times without a hitch. We flew 5400 square feet of death sail. Its amazing, when things go right, we actually look like we know what were doing. I must also add to yesterdays casualties was a walkie, currently residing in the bottom of the harbor. With the death sails seemingly working fine. I've turned my attention to a new issue.

We have a spy in our midst.

Thanks to peanut80, I was able to get an early look at an item in The Boston Herald about the death sail incident. In the piece they mentioned they have a spy on set. Someone's trying to steal my thunder. I will not rest until they are smoked out. Seems a little like an oscar winning movie I know.
I'm totally exhausted and can't go any further tonight. I promise better blogging tomorrow. And a picture. I'm just too wiped out.


Peanut80 said...


Glad to hear that today it was 'smooth sailing'

Also nice that you had an nice view to 'digest' with your breakfast

And as to 'smoking out that spy'....why I think what we need to do is get you a job with the Boston Herald :)

Ladylipstick said...

I have a plan. plant a fake news item. That'll help you find the canary!